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Brandywine Primelabels Branding

Brandywine Primelabels Stationery designed by 4x3, LLC

Brandywine Primelabels, while very similar to the Brandywine Drumlabels branding, is just as beautiful and sophisticated.

Amy Siano

President + Executive Creative Director

Brandywine Drumlabels required a branding package for their latest business venture for small container labeling, Brandywine Primelabels. 4x3’s branding services included creation of logo options, custom website design, tradeshow banners, stationery, and assorted collateral materials.

Brandywine Primelabels are the durable, on-demand, digitally-printed alternative to costly rolls of pre-printed labels for auto-application.

Brandywine’s Comprehensive Branding

In addition to the new brand identity for Brandywine Drumlabels, 4x3 also created a new brand identity for Brandywine Primelabels. Complementary brands for Drumlabels and Primelabels offer a cohesive branding strategy; 4x3 helped ensure a clear message, high profile, and wide reach for Brandywine Drumlabels' and Brandywine Primelabels' products and services.

Website Design and Development

4x3 was also contracted to create a website design for Brandywine Primelabels and a re-design for Brandywine Drumlabels website.

4x3 manages Brandywine's websites, social media, digital content and SEO as well as overall branding and marketing.

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