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USA Islanders Branding

USA Islanders Rugby team

With their vast experience in the rugby community, 4x3 was the perfect partner to create the USA Islander's brand and website. One top of that, they designed beautiful, custom jerseys for the team to wear during their debut match in Bermuda against the Saracens.

Stephen Siano

URugby President

4x3 worked directly with the USA Islanders administrators and coaching staff of this new team to create a logo and brand. 4x3 will apply the new logo and brand across a variety of mediums, including web, and custom team uniforms and T-shirts.

USA Islanders Branding

The USA Islanders is a nationally-based rugby team consisting of high performance athletes with island heritage residing in America. The USA Islanders website prominently features the custom logo design and online branding created by 4x3 LLC. 

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