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Kimberton Dance Academy Branding

Kimberton Dance Academy brand

The Kimberton Dance Academy branding was created through a collaborative design process, involving brainstorming sessions to define the brand's identity and values. The final brand was crafted, incorporating graceful dance elements and a harmonious color palette to reflect the academy's commitment to artistic expression and excellence in dance education.

Amy Siano

Creative Director


Designing the Kimberton Dance Academy branding was a creative process that aimed to capture the essence of movement and expression. It began with thorough research into the academy's values, mission, and vision, understanding their commitment to fostering a love for dance in their students. The design team brainstormed concepts and themes, drawing inspiration from the graceful lines of dancers in motion. Typography, color palettes, and visual elements were carefully chosen to evoke a sense of elegance, energy, and professionalism and to appeal to male and female dancers alike. Iterative design drafts and feedback sessions with the academy's director played a crucial role in refining the branding until it encapsulated the spirit and identity of Kimberton Dance Academy, ultimately creating a strong and memorable visual identity that resonates with students and their families.