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Brandywine Drumlabels Website

Brandywine Drumlabels Website

Working with Brandywine to create a new online presence and brand has been an enjoyable experience. We have been able to introduce them to the Drupal CMS and allow them to update content with ease.

Amy Siano

President + Executive Creative Director

Brandywine Drumlabels has partnered with 4x3 to re-design their current website to create a fully responsive interface for their products and services. 

Thoughtful Design and Custom Drupal CMS

With over 20 years of experience, Brandywine Drumlabels needed a new website that reflected their background and dedication to high quality labeling solutions for the chemical packaging industry.

4x3 created a design that was both professional and welcoming, while improving the overall website architecture and accessibility. The website homepage and all pages are now optimized for search engines and potential clients. 

The website also implements a custom Drupal content management system, which allows Brandywine Drumlabels to easily and directly update their products and services on any browser, at any location.

Brandywine's Comprehensive Branding

4x3 also created a new brand identity for Brandywine Primelabels, and a new brand identity for Brandywine Drumlabels. In the end, 4x3 created complementary brands for Drum and Prime offering a comprehensive branding strategy. 4x3 helped ensure a clear message, high profile and wide reach for Brandywine Drumlabels' and Brandywine Primelabels' products and services.

Website Design and Development

4x3 was also contracted to create a website design for Brandywine Primelabels and a re-design for Brandywine Drumlabels website.

4x3 manages Brandywine's websites, social media, digital content and SEO as well as overall branding and marketing.

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