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CWE Scientific Instrument Website

CWE Website Organized, Content-Rich on Laptop

We needed a complete website redesign and update.  It was a big project, but 4x3 delivered, giving us a highly functional, beautifully designed new website and a fresh brand image. It was a collaborative project and we couldn't be happier with both the process and the outcome.  Our customer satisfaction has increased because our product lines and accessories are easier to navigate thanks to the well-organized structure that 4x3 created.  It was a pleasure to work with the 4x3 team and we highly recommend them for your website or creative project.

Hilary Ward

Vice President Marketing & Sales, CWE Inc

CWE approached 4x3 to do a complete website makeover to help organize their extensive product line in a eye-catching and user-friendly design.

CWE offers a broad range of instruments for the physiology and pre-clinical research laboratory. With their origins in control of breathing instrumentation, CWE specializes in respiratory support and monitoring, including ventilators, gas analyzers, and related equipment.

Organized, Content-Rich Website

4x3 worked with the CWE team to create a website that reflects an extensive online product catalog. The main goal was to create an easily-searchable database that cross-references products, specifications, tech manuals, and equipment accessories. With this in mind, 4x3 created a custom, fully functional sites to manage content in a SEO-friendly and organized manner.

We also did a subtle brand re-fresh to match the new design style of the website.